New Year Wishes | Keep going ahead with no fear of any difficulties: From 2015 to 2020

发布日期:2020-02-12 10:31
Institute of Aviation Research (IAR) is stepping to its fifth year since it was registerd to found at Committe of Charity in UK. Many friends asked about the original aspiration of IAR's founding, to be candid, the answer was just to promote research of aviation and improve public understandng of aviation related issues, which could do some contribution to push forward the progress of aviation industry. We want to put our research into practice and let the world be better.

In the last five years, IAR grows up from a small group with several creators to an international research organisation with more than 20 core members, 50 professional experts and cooperative partners in every continent of the world. So far, IAR has created some successful conference brands: China-Europe Aviation Summit has been consecutively held in Beijing for three years, the World Aviation Festival China Aviation Summit has beed consecutively held in London for two years, and the International Transport Modelling Work was also successfully organised in Auckland at the begginning of 2019. IAR has also achieved some fruitful results on our research: we released monographic research report on the public concerned themes, including Flight On-time Performance, Aviation Industry's Influence on the Development of Landlocked Countries, Connectivity of Global Airports and so on. Now, we are deepening our professional research on the themes, such as Virtual Interlining, Air Freight Index, Long-haul Routes Developing, Hub Building, Aviaion Ecosystem and Business Model Innovation. Our next step is to commercialize research finding, and focus on frontier concept's industral landing. We know what we should do to achieve this step is to walk step by step.

After five-year's precipitation and accumulation, IAR is reaching a new era--consolidation, which means to integrate research power, to integrate exteral and interal resorces, to integrate results from all research areas, and to improve our ablity of organising. We will be well-prepared that when we face challenging situation, we could keep going without any fear, using our knowledge, experience and insight, to overcome any difficulties along with our industry partners, and finding a sustainable way to develop.

This Spring Festival is not usual. Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia broke the peace of this traditional festival, and led a crisis to aviation industry. When we are still in this crisis, we need to think what we could do to help as a professional avaition researcher. What come to our mind are the core competences we set when we first founded: Integrity, Innovation and Independence. As we all know, aviation industry is born a rule obeyer, an information sharer and profession respecter. That is because even an invisible potential risk might end with a disaster if we ignore it. The future we are facing is full of uncertainty, and the torrent of time floods forward and backward. Today, what we are certain about the future is to keep going sturdily, candidly and positively. The spirit IAR shares with all people in our industry may be treasure to our society.