4th SEP 2019
The World Avaition Festival China Aviation Summit is the first Global Chinese aviation theme summit so far. It is co organised by World Aviation Festival and the Institute for Aviation Research (IAR), as a vital part of the World Aviation Festival,  China Aviation Summit aims to present China Aviation globally and builds a dialogue platform for Chinese and foreign aviation indusry.
IAR first held China Summit in the World Aviation Festival in 2018. The summit was sucessfully held and the World Aviation Festival Organisation Committee invited IAR to continue the summit in 2019. 

The World Aviation Festival is held every September in London, and has been growing year on year since 2003. Due to the global investment in airline and airport passenger technology over the last 5 years the Festival has quadrupled in size, bringing in all types of global airlines, airports and industry tech providers. Now it’s one of the world’s largest aviation shows. 

More details on the Avaition Festival can be found at:https://www.terrapinn.com/conference/aviation-festival/ 

Institute of Aviation Research (IAR) – a UK based independent & non-profit think tank dedicated to aviation research with a particular focus on China. 

More details on the Institute and their work can be found at:www.instituteforaviation.org
Prof Zheng Lei, President, Institute for Aviation Research (IAR)
Kevin Li,General Manager UK & Ireland, China Eastern Airlines
Wenzhong YANG, Vice President, Guilin Air
Panel discussion 1: How do consumer trends, economic growth and government policy in China impact the Chinese aviation market and the future trends?

-How does the aviation policy affect the strategy and development of major Chinese airlines and airports?

-How do consumer trends and economic growth impact the Chinese aviation market?

-How will China’s “One Belt and One Road Initiative” affect the aviation market in both the short and long term?

Dr Frankie O’Connell, Director of Learning, Institute for Aviation Research (IAR)

Chaochao Gao, Deputy General Manager, Guilin Air

Kevin Li,General Manager UK & Ireland, China Eastern Airlines

Zhe Liu, Manager, UK, China Southern Airlines
John Carney, Chief Data Scientist, OpenJaw Technologies
Panel discussion 2:  Chinese airlines’ international expansion and the way forward for greater collaboration between Chinese and international airlines

-At a speed the world has never seen before, Chinese airlines have opened over 70 new intercontinental routes since 2013.  Will the recent economic slowdown put a brake on rapid Chinese airline expansion?

-Chinese carriers now have dominant share in China-US, China-Europe and China-Australia markets.  Is this trend likely to continue into the near future?

·What is limiting international airlines access to China’s key markets?  What obstacles are there to greater collaboration between Chinese and international airlines?  What is the way forward for win-win partnership?  

John Grant, Senior Consultant, Institute for Aviation Research (IAR) 

Yi Pan, Director International Marketing, Tianjin Airlines

Zhihang CHI, VP & General Manager, North America, Air China
Dr Frankie O’Connell, Director of Learning, Institute for Aviation Research (IAR)
Case study: Virtual Interlining

This case study will focus on the opportunities and challenges faced by Gatwick Airport in developing airport hosted virtual interline alliances to create connectivity and sales opportunities between both full service and low cost airlines, facilitated by Gatwick Airport.

Andrew Williamson, Commercial Product Manager, Gatwick Airport
Panel discussion 3:  Facilitated passenger self-connectivity: is it the way forward for airlines to improve load factor and gain profitability in the Chinese market?

-How could full service airlines and low-cost carriers cooperate together using new technology platforms, giving agility and flexibility in connecting networks and increasing load factors?

-How do we effectively move passengers & bags, whilst maintaining cost effective operations, IT solutions and general production costs? 

-How could win-win airline-airline partnerships be created and facilitated by airports?

-What are the major obstacles for facilitated passenger self-connectivity?

·Is airport facilitated passenger self-connection a particularly useful strategy for foreign airlines gaining traffic in a market where they are not able to find a traditional interlining partner?

Dr Frankie O’Connell, Director of Learning, Institute for Aviation Research (IAR)

Andrew Williamson, Commercial Product Manager, Gatwick Airport

Yi Pan, General Manager International, Tianjin Airlines

Zdenek Komenda, Chief Business Development Officer, Kiwi.com

David Gunnarsson, Founder and CEO, Dohop
Dr Quanwu Xiao, Senior Director of Big Data Analytics, CTrip
Dr Carlos Kaduoka, Director Consulting, Air Travel Solutions, SITA
Panel discussion 4:  Developing an integrated digital platform to engage with travellers on their end-to-end journey

-What are the current status of applications of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the Chinese airline industry?

-How could airlines and IT companies drive business growth through partnership?

-How can airlines and airports turn big data into actionable insights that intelligently understands and delights the customer and enhances revenue?

-How can each player work together to personalise and enhance the traveller journey?

·How important are online travel channels like CTrip for airlines?

Dr Carlos Kaduoka, Director Consulting, Air Travel Solutions, SITA 

Zhenyuan ZHANG, General Manager (IT), China Spring Airlines 

Quanwu XIAO, Senior Director, CTrip