Over 20 speeches and three panel discussions were scheduled in one day, covering topics about competitive dynamics and opportunities in the China-Europe aviation market, joint venture and alliances in the China-Europe market, policy and investment issues, as well as success through innovation. The summit not only addressed hot topics such as the impact of Brexit and China’s international aviation policy, but also focused on prospects for long-haul low-cost model, emerging hubs in the China-Europe connecting market and innovative distribution channels.

Greatly supported by two event partners – HNA group and Alibaba group, excursions of the Summit were held on the following two days. On 27th June, European delegates had a roundtable meeting with airlines in HNA group to discuss cooperation opportunities. On 28th June, some European delegates visited Alibaba headquarters and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, shared insights on how to improve user experience and build Smart Airport.
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26 June 2017      Monday
Chairman’s opening remarks: MA Songwei, President, CAAC News
  • Keynote address: Current status and prospects in the China-Europe aviation market    LIU Feng, Director General, Department of Transport, CAAC 

  • Keynote address: Beijing’s new airport: Implications for Beijing and the China-Europe
    aviation market    WANG Xing, Executive VP, Capital Airport Holding Company
  • Competitive dynamics in the China-Europe aviation market--LEI Zheng, President, Institute for Aviation Research (UK) Presentation Material Download
  • Connecting China and Europe from secondary hubs--HOU Wei, Executive VP, Hainan Airlines 
  • Opportunities for secondary cities to develop air services to China--Oyvind Hasaas, CEO, Oslo Airport  Presentation Material Download
  •  Working together to develop direct flights between Manchester and China--Rhys Whalley, Executive Director, Manchester China Forum\Stephen Turner, Commercial Director, Manchester Airport 
Presentation, Panel Discussion & Interactive Session
  • Finding the right partners to help growth
  • Taking a share of a growing pie through joint ventures
  • Managing expansion and route development
  • Pursuing revenue growth and retaining cost discipline
  • Low cost long haul: could it find its market in the Asia-Europe market?

Moderator: Dr LEI Zheng, President, Institute for Aviation Research (UK)

Speech and discussion guests:

ZHU Songyan, Assistant President, Air China
- Air China’s views on joint ventures and alliances   Presentation Material Download

Tony Fernandes, Co-founder and Group CEO, AirAsia Group
- The AirAsia experience of joint ventures and long-haul low-cost   Presentation Material Download

LI Dianchun, Chief Commercial Officer, Hong Kong Airlines
- Hong Kong Airline’s ambitions and strategies in the long haul market   Presentation Material Download

Mauro Oretti, VP Sales and Marketing, SkyTeam
- Value creation at Alliance level: a SkyTeam perspective   Presentation Material Download

Mikko Turtiainen, Vice President, Finnair
- Finnair: Success through cooperation   Presentation Material Download

ZHANG Lin, Executive VP, China Southern Airlines
- Expanding in the long haul market through partnership
Presentation, Panel Discussion & Interactive Session
  • Belt and Road” and China’s international aviation policy 
  • Investing in aviation
  • The anti-trust review of “metal-neutral” joint ventures: what to expect
  • The aeropolitical context for cooperation: open skies, fair competition and Brexit.

Moderator: Dr C K Law, Senior Advisor, Institute for Aviation Research (UK) / Director of
Policy, Aviation Policy and Research Centre of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Speech and discussion guests:

Jeremy Robinson, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams / Fellow, Institute for Aviation
Research (UK)
- How to achieve successful cooperation and fair competition in EU-China aviation

Dr CHEN Chao, Deputy Executive Head of Research Institute,
China Investment Corporation

- Investing in aviation: China Investment Corporation’s perspective
Jagoda Egeland, Economist, OECD
- Aviation policy environment in Europe and challenges to airport investment   

Dr LIU Ying, Research Fellow, Chong Yang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin
University of China
- “Belt and Road”: Opportunities for investment in civil aviation industry   
Presentation, Panel Discussion & Interactive Session
  • Prospects for point to point long-haul routes in the China-Europe market
  • Emerging hubs connecting China and Europe
  • Business model innovation for airlines and airports
  • Innovative distribution channels: targeting right customers in the digital era

Moderator: Dr Xiaowen FU, Institute for Aviation Research (UK) 

Speech and discussion guests:

Stephen WANG, Chairman, Spring Airlines
- Spring Airlines: gaining competitive edges through innovation   

Petri Vuori, Vice President, Finavia
- Finavia’s experience of innovation

HUANG Wei, Chairman of Board of Supervisors, Chongqing Airport
- Enhancing low cost alliances through airport hubs

Stephen King, Head of Airline Relations, Gatwick Airport
- Making self connection work for airlines and passengers

Wells Zheng, Vice President, Fliggy, Alibaba Group
- Airline distribution in the age of digital era

Wilco Sweijen, Director Aviation Marketing, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
- Innovation in route development
Sponsored by OAG
27 June 2017      Tuesday
28 June 2017     Wednesday
1st China-Europe Aviation Submit
CAAC - 2017.06.28
Delegates of China-Europe Aviation
CAAC - 2017.07.05
Winning through Cooperation
CAAC - 2017.07.03
Winning Trough Cooperation in the China-Europe aviation market
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